Frequently Asked Questions

What is the secret to this cloth?

  • Pure Sky cloth cleaning products made of thousands of ultra-microfibers, and it is a patented product
  • Regular, microfiber cloths, unlike Pure Sky ultra-micro fibers, leave smudges and are not reusable after washing repeatedly
  • Pure Sky cleaning clothes include ultra-micro fiber strands woven together that grip and catch bacteria, dust, and grime
  • Amazon Review (non-paid) 5 Stars for Window and Glass Cloth: “Must be sorcery!” - 7-30-2018 “I could not believe how squeaky clean my windows became by just adding water. And it is environmentally friendly!”

    Should it be used wet or dry?


    • Use dry to clear crevices, remove hair, and clean fine dust
    • Use wet to clean stains
    • Spray water on mirror or glass surface before using this product
    • Wipe down with a dry cloth first for the most effective cleaning
    • For stubborn stains, add detergent for added results

      Is it machine-washable?

      • Yes, it is machine washable
      • Do not wash with water temperature more than 140 F (60C)
      • Do not use bleach or fabric softener

        How does it remove over 99% of bacteria?

        • Pure Sky is made of ultra-microfibers that surround and catch bacteria as the cloth is wiped over the surface, allowing for a green clean because you do not need to use detergent
        • The bacteria can be washed away simply by rinsing the cloth with warm water.  The water washes through the strands, taking the bacteria down the drain with it.

          Which side works for what?

          • The blue scrubber side is for multi-use removing dust or stains
          • The purple smooth side is for cleaning windows, glass, mirrors without leaving any streaks or smudges.