Casabella Clear Sponge Brush, Plum/Lime/Orange Multicolor

Casabella Clear Sponge Brush, Plum/Lime/Orange Multicolor

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"After a long night of cooking and entertaining, you are ready to sit down but you remember that you are not done yet; the dishes are still waiting. You have stacked them high in the sink and you are searching for a sponge which seems to be nowhere to be found. Then you spot it. You see the little green scrubber hiding under your large stack of dishes. You always forget to take it out but, even when you do, you never know what to do with it to keep it out in the open until now. This Casabella Clear Sponge Brush in Plum/Lime/Orange Multicolor is meant for handling messes on your pots and pans. With a comfortable grip on the clear handle, it is easy to maintain control as you scrub away caked-on lasagnas and grill pans with barely any elbow grease to handle the job. Featuring a long handle, it is easier to scrub your pots and pans without exerting too much of your energy. "


  • 2-Pack: Order contains 2 brushes in total.

  • FEATURES TOUGH SPONGE: The design of this brush breaks up food particles for a deep-down clean where you need it.

  • LONG HANDLE: The 12-inch handle lets you get deep into glasses and deep pots and pans to get every crease and corner.

  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE: The rounded grip makes it easy and comfortable to wash every dish before youÕre ready to relax.

  • DESIGNED FOR USE WITH POTS AND PANS: Though it is tough on messes, the nylon bristles are gentle enough to handle cleaning your nonstick pots, pans, and other kitchenware. It can even wash off your fresh produce!


Brand: Casabella
Item Weight
: 6.4 ounces
Item Package Qty
: Pack of 2
Product Dimensions
: 12 x 6 x 1.9 inches