Full Circle Bubble Up Replacement Dish Brush, Green, 2pk

Full Circle Bubble Up Replacement Dish Brush, Green, 2pk

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Get tough on dirty dishes while being kind to the environment! Constructed of bamboo with recycled plastic bristles & brush head = earth-friendly. This dish brush is made of bamboo and recycled plastic so it is super durable yet easy on the environment. The natural, earthy tones are a rich compliment to a variety of kitchen pallets. This amazing brush is sure to get the job done right while saving the planet all at the same time. It’s the little brush that saved the world. Well, maybe not quite, but with a sustainable bamboo handle and recycled plastic bristles, it’s a heck of a start. Be good to your home; be good to your planet. From little things big things grow - including the amount of suds you can create with this unique soap dish and brush. A platform-spring construction in the sturdy ceramic base generates foam when you dip the bamboo brush, and the minimalist design looks great on your counter.


  • Replacement Dish Brush
  • Bamboo and plastic fiber
  • Natural ceramic base is eco-friendly
  • Super durable, yet easy on the earth
  • Brush head & bristles made from recycled plastic
  • Bamboo is finished with natural oils to withstand water
  • Add soap and a little water to base. Move brush up and down to generate foam.
  • Ceramic base & platform act as a soap dispenser and a clean storage solution for your brush.


Brand: Full Circle
Package Dimensions: 5 x 4.2 x 6.6 inches
Item Weight: 5.6 ounces